Negro Nao Quer Mais Sofrer



Negro não quer mais correr                                       Black man does not want to run any more

Negro não quer mais sofrer feitor                             Black man does not want to suffer any more supervisor

Ô-ô-ô / Ô-ô-ô / Ô-ô-ô Ô,

negro nasceu na senzala                                          black man was born in the slave quarters

Ficou doente sem amor                                            Was sick without love

Ô-ô-ô / Ô-ô-ô / Ô-ô-ô Ô,

Ele veio do cativeiro                                                  He came from the captivity

Na chibata do feitor                                                  In the cane of the supervisor

O suor que se escorreria                                           O sweat that would drain É blood of the worker

É sangue do trabalhador                                          É blood of the worker

Ô-ô-ô / Ô-ô-ô / Ô-ô-ô Ô,

Ai meu Deus o que eu faço                                           Ai my God what I do

A imagem não se apagou                                           A image was not put out

Até hoje nessa vida                                                       Up to today in this life

A escravidão se acabou                                            A slavery was finished




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