Running for beginners and re-entry runners in Duisburg

Beginners and re-entry runners running group in the forest of Duisburg


This running group is for beginners and for those who want a re-entry in running. Depending on the mixture of the group we offer a complete beginners running program or we ran short distances.

Why running as sport? No other sport has so many positive aspects on the health and is so easy and so cheap to perform. As health aspects are improved breathing and fitness to be mentioned. Some participants feel the increased burn of calories also as important.

Where and how many kilometres will be run? Starting at the university’s sport building we cross the motor way bridge and have then the Duisburg city forest for us. In theory are here all distances possible. In the beginning will the distance mostly be around 5 km; at the end of the semester course will the distance often be 10 km. With a trained group can the distance already be around 10 km at the beginning of the course. Long distances are hardly possible, because of the duration of the course. On our Facebook Page are past running tracks available.

Which equipment is required? Running is a very economic sport. Participation requires sport shoes and clothes adapted to the weather and temperature. As the Duisburg city forest is often wet and muddy should the running equipment be able to handle moisture.

What will be taught? Beginners will the running basics be explained. Intermediates will be prepared for small running competitions, like for example the NRW universities’ running cup, with tracks up to 10 km.

How often should I participate? We recommend regular participation.

Who runs? Students, international students, university’s colleagues and other persons who enjoy running; depending on the recent enrolment situation.

What if I still have questions? Most questions will be answered on our web site.

Instruction language is German, English or both languages, depending on the mixture of the group.


Information and frequently asked questions:

Information about tracks and competitions are available on our Facebook Page .

International Ruhr Run Club


Ruhr Run Club Essen

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Ruhr Run Club Duisburg

2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
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 The run club is cost-free for students!


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