Fees Free German Current Bank Account

Fees Free German Current Bank Account


Many banks promote so called fees free current accounts, but normally is this bounded to special conditions. Really free are today (September 2016) only two current accounts in Germany.


Free ING-Diba Girokonto

The ING-DiBa current account consist of one account, with two cards. The standard card is the free credit card, which can be used with all cash points / ATMs in Germany and the EU. The second card is the euro cheque card, which can be used to in German shops.

For living in Germany and travelling in EURO countries is the ING-DiBa current account convenient and easy to use.

Details and registration: https://www.ing-diba.de/girokontokwk/aa/7kSUS92OgA


Free DKB-Cash Konto

The account at the DKB is a double account. One account is a current account with Euro cheque card and the other a credit card account with VISA card. Every bank card works only with the corresponding account.For withdrawing money in Germany and the EU is the VISA card necessary. A specific feature of this account is, that also in many non Euro countries money can be withdrawn without charge. The money transfer from the current account to the the credit card account can take up to three days, which can be long. A standing order can be established to do so.

The DKB-Cash Konto is useful, if one spend some time in non Euro countries. In Germany it is cumbersome, due to the double bank account.

Details and registration: https://www.dkb.de/s/2kd1U1OJkNW9xahyjW7ijr


Information about both accounts

The ING-DiBa and also DKB are so called direct banks, which means, they have no offices, but everything will be done via the web site respectively app or the call centre. Bank statements can be download every month as PDF files.




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